Dean Crocker

The CrockPot: A genealogical resource


» Named for my parents, Ben Crocker and Mahota Potts«

Much of the information contained herein comes from secondary sources at best. I have rarely checked original sources to confirm information borrowed from other people’s work. Although I have tried to be as accurate as possible, no one should base their research solely on what I have accumulated here.

When possible, I have attempted to use current geographical names. This leads to historically inaccurate references such as “so-and-so was born in Alabama in 1702” when Alabama did not become a state until 1819, but aids the casual researcher of today. This is particularly true in the case of many ancestors who were located in the old Indian Territory and Chickasaw Nation in what is now Oklahoma. (County boundaries in many states have changed over the years and I have rarely made any attempt to sort out those confusing problems.)

If you wish to cite the CrockPot as a source, please refer to this page, not to individual page’s URLs; those may change. The CrockPot is, and most certainly will remain, a work in progress.

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